KHL Goalie Makes 80 Saves In Game

by Lead Badass on February 26, 2013


Former NHL and Columbus Blue Jackets goalie, Curtis Sanford, made an impressive 80 saves for his team Lokomotiv Yaroslavl, in the KHL.

Curtis Sanford just had one of the busiest nights a goalie can possibly have. Any time your team requires you to make 80 saves in one game, you’ve earned your money for the day.

The former goaltender of the Columbus Blue Jackets as recently as last season is now playing in the KHL, part of the new Lokomotiv Yaroslavl team that returned after that tragic plane crash that killed almost everybody on board. The Lokomotiv team has been a great story in its first year back on the ice, fielding a brand new team. They made the playoffs, led partially by the help of Sanford between the pipes.

So in Game 4 of their series against Severstal, there was Sanford again, doing the heavy lifting for his team. In the three-overtime game he faced 83 shots, stopping 80 of them. Normally you’d think if you stop 96 percent of the shots you see in a game you’ll be good, but the last goal went into his net, not the other way around.

Despite the 80 saves, the result was a loss. In total, Lokomotiv was outshot 83-50 in the game and now Lokomotiv is down in the series 3-1.

Sure, the game might have gone a few extra periods but that’s still one of the craziest nights a goalie can have. The NHL record for saves in a playoff game is 90. You have to go all the way back to March of 1936 to find when Normie Smith had that many in one contest. The NHL record for a regular-season game is 80 saves, done by Sam LoPresti in 1941.

To make a more modern comparison, Ron Tugnutt made 70 saves in a loss back in 2000 while backstopping the Penguins vs. the Flyers in the playoffs and that game went five OT. So yeah, goalies don’t get asked to make 80 saves very often.

Not sure if saving 80 out of 83 shots will make you feel any better when you lose the game. Either way, it’s very impressive, and we bow our heads to Sanford. Well done!


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