Medical Staff Finally Clear Chicago Blackhaws Marian Hossa To Play

by Lead Badass on December 13, 2012

We reported a while back on Marian Hossa. It was when we broke the news that he was on the way to recovery, after the concussion he sustained from that nasty hit delivered by Raffi Torres, last year.

This time, we are happy to say that he has been completely cleared to play, by his doctors. The only downside is that there is no hockey to be played at the moment. At least not with the Chicago Blackhaws.

Oh well. At least he’s healthy and ready to go once the puck is ready to be dropped. Whenever that might be.

And just in case you forgot about Raffi Torres hit, here it is again.


According to the Tribune, Hossa has been spending time in Florida since being OKed. While he was rehabbing, he was able to work with Blackhawks medical staffers in Chicago. [Source]

The veteran was injured during Game 3 of the Western Conference quarterfinals against the Phoenix Coyotes in April, when he was illegally checked by Raffi Torres. [Source]

[Image via ccl]

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  • Nicolas

    what a crying shame !

    • Head Badass

      Shame that he’s healthy again @repliquant:disqus?

      • Nicolas

        No, of course not (although I’d rather that he’d stayed wuth the Red Wings instead of a one year stint). Just talking about the hit. I looked at it again and man, Torres was out “only” 25games after that. I would personally find it better if the man who injures another player with an illegal hit can not come back before the person he has hit. It would definitely make them think twice about having thos kind of moves. Oh and btw, I couldn’t comment on Nicklas Lidstrom article the other day but still read it… He was the best defense man ever. No one came even close !

        • Head Badass

          That’s a good idea @repliquant:disqus. They should not be able to play before the injured player. Not a bad suggestion at all! 🙂

          Re Lidstrom. Man was he good. One of the best no doubt. Looking forward to see him inducted to the Hall of Fame.

  • Chuck Ray

    WOW! I appreciate a good hit during the game as long as it’s legal.I don’t want anybody to get hurt,but that was totally uncalled for.Pure headhunting. Torres is lucky Hossa wasn’t hurt any worse than he was. He (Torres) should have had to sit the rest of the season.Sick. just sick

    • Head Badass

      Our thoughts exactly @facebook-100000025886652:disqus. Nothing wrong with a booming body check, but when players go after other players in this way it’s appalling. @repliquant:disqus had a good idea, where essentially players who go after others in this way are suspended for a longer time than the recovery time of the player who was hurt. What do you think of that?

      • Chuck Ray

        I think @repliquant:disqus has the right idea,except the guilty party get double players lost time. After watching again you can see he (Torres) had Hossa targeted. That’s some real nasty shit. The season!

        • Head Badass

          @facebook-100000025886652:disqus. Yeah maybe the season is the answer for assaults like these. I certainly wouldn’t complain about that!

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